just another messed up teenager called Lucia that enjoys music and lord of the rings, alrighty

about me.

what to put here i wonder, guess i should just tell you a bit about myself. 
not going to say i had a hard life so far or that i regret anything that has ever happened to me because i believe things happen to you for a reason. guide you in the direction your life was suppose to be lived. 
I was born in South Africa, it will always be my home and i am very proud of my heritage and roots. Afrikaans is my first language but i was taught english from a young age.
I moved to England when i was very young and it was very hard on me, i was bullied for being ‘different’ and ‘weird’ but i carried on and over the years it became a place that i love. 
Then it was Australia, oh yes i guess you can say my family are well traveled. id agree. Over the years i have had to say goodbye to many important people in my life that i will never forget, but i know its not goodbye forever because i always promise them i will see them again. 
oh and i spend a lot of time in Papua New Guinea because my dad lives there, one of the best places i have ever been.

All my life i knew that when i grew up i would want a career in aiding people that are less fortunate than most, that is why i want to be a english teacher in third world countries, giving those people a chance to achieve things in their life and i’d love to work with children. giving is better than receiving and if more people realised that, the world would be a better place.

I am a normal teen, i love music such as Abandon All Ships, A Day To Remember, You Me At Six, Deaf Havana, Of Mice & Men ect, but i love all music (especially afrikaans music). I love to read, go out with friends, gigs, beach, snorkeling, traveling and camping has always been a favourite. 

I love watching rugby (big Springbok fan)
Lord of The Rings and Star Wars are my slight obsessions. 

It may sound corny but honestly dont be afraid of trying new things. new places, new friends, new adventures. 

be happy :}